Smiling Blind:
A Marriage of Lies and Illusion

Smiling Blind is a true story of romance, white-collar crime and a short-lived marriage, followed by a pattern of deception culminating in lawsuit upon lawsuit, including bankruptcy, foreclosure and one of the longest divorces on record in the state of Connecticut.

I really admired Dori Hightower’s bravery in sharing this story about her marriage and her continuing struggle and journey thereafter. In addition, her interesting commentary on the black elite really resonated with my experiences attending a prestigious prep school.

Amazon Customer

I’m not one to review books but this was so good I had to. Amazingly quick read and unbelievably honest. A look into the lives of living with a narcissist that is shockingly engaging. I now feel equipped with tools that may help guard me from potential train wrecks that would have made their way into my life. Worth it!


I enjoyed reading this book and it would make an amazing movie! I read it in a few hours and couldn’t put it down.

Cathy Pilkington

After having read Smiling Blind, once again I am paralyzed by reality!!! The trilling thing about this book – it is not just a great read, it is a warning as well, a roadmap leading to triumph!

Amazon Customer

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