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Riveting! Great Read! I can’t put it down! I never read on a treadmill or exercise bike at the gym (especially on my iPhone), but I can’t help myself!! It’s a true page-turner… can’t wait to see what happens on the next page. My favorite author… Sidney Sheldon, (female heroines) all of his books affected me that way… well Smiling Blind has the same page-turner affect on me… She is very articulate, open and honest of her feelings in writing this. I highly recommend this book. Again, great read!


I really admired Dori Hightower’s bravery in sharing this story about her marriage and her continuing struggle and journey thereafter. In addition, her interesting commentary on the black elite really resonated with my experiences attending a prestigious prep school.

Amazon Customer

I’m not one to review books but this was so good I had to. Amazingly quick read and unbelievably honest. A look into the lives of living with a narcissist that is shockingly engaging. I now feel equipped with tools that may help guard me from potential train wrecks that would have made their way into my life. Worth it!


I could not put it down! This courageous woman felt it was her duty to share her experience of a whirlwind romance and a short lived marriage gone horribly wrong. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, and really open your eyes to the fact that wealth and power also have a very ugly side. Every woman owes it to herself to read this book. It sends a very strong and powerful message to us all.

Dr. Gloria Caballer

Honest. To the bone writing on the first hand experience about marriage gone terribly wrong. This author is powerful, honest to the bone writing on the first hand experience about marriage gone terribly wrong. This author, a highly successful professional women, caring daughter and devoted mother to her daughter, got caught between very convincing lies, matters of loving and trusting heart, and corrupted legal system. System that after long seven years still did not deliver justice. I highly admire the courage it took to share this story, while it is still unfolding for the author. It is also a page turner, as I could not put it down, until I read it to the last page with all references, for those interested to follow to the final act. This story deserves broad recognition and applaud to Dori B. Hightower, for her many talents, but most importantly for her fierce independence and resolve to find justice and for her courage to be so vulnerable with the reader.

Nicholas T Lepore

I enjoyed reading this book and it would make an amazing movie! I read it in a few hours and couldn’t put it down.

Cathy Pilkington

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